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Rejoicing songs for Sukkot

Shalom, Kineti readers.

To increase your joy this Sukkot, the time of our rejoicing (Deut 16), here are a few Messianic songs I love to play this time of year:

Steve McConnell – Z’man Simchatenu: song | guitar chords

”This is the time of our rejoicing! Halleluyah, Sukkot has come!”


Micha’el Ben David – HaShem B’Kirbech (HaShem is in Your Midst): song | chords

“HaShem elohaich b’kirbech gibor yoshia yasis alayyikh b'simcha”


Marty Goetz – He Is Here: song | guitar chords

“You’ll come to your Temple to rule and to reign, and the nations will tremble and fear. And in that day, all your people will say, ‘This is the Lord, we’ve waited for him, and at last He is here!’”


Micha’el Ben David – B’Ohalecha: song | guitar chords

“Lord, who may dwell in your tent? Who may dwell in your holy mountain? He who has cleans hands and a pure heart.”


Marc Chopinsky - We Give You Thanks: song | chords

“The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and Messiah, and he shall reign forevermore!”


May your joy be increased on this sukkot, fine Kineti readers and disciples of Yeshua. Chag haSukkot hazeh, z’man simchatenu!

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