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The Blessed 14: Messianic Wedding Songs

February *edit* This post is updated regularly as I come across new Messianic music fitting for weddings. Last updated February 19th, 2020, and now we have 22 songs altogether. Need to get the MP3s? Email me at

Chavah Messianic Radio, my friends, has produced so much good fruit over the years. Today, a listener asked me,

My fiancé and I are desiring to have a biblical wedding. We are trying to compile music we would want to use and figured that you would be a great resource. We both enjoy the ministry of Chavah Messianic Radio on shabbat. Songs like "Ani l’Dodi" and "The Covenant" come to mind but I don't know the artists. There is also a song that talks about the wedding feast that our congregation used during Sukkot that I haven't been able to find. I am also open to other suggestions you might have.

Awesome thing to help out Yeshua’s disciples getting married! I sent back a top-of-mind list to her.

I then realized this might actually be useful to many folks in the Messianic community. I personally know a couple from our congregation last year that got married. A “songs for a Messianic wedding” seems like something useful for the Messianic community.

So, without further ado, here’s the Blessed 14 Messianic Wedding Songs, some great songs for a wedding of Messiah’s disciples:

  • Joshua Aaron – My Beloved
    Uplifting, joyful tune singing the classic Biblical phrase often spoken as covenant in Jewish and Christian weddings: Ani l’dodi v’dodi li / I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

  • Paul Wilbur – Song of the Beautiful Bride 
    Wilbur sings about the body of Messiah in this uplifting tune, "Out of the darkness, in from the night, bathed in His glory, reflecting His light – oh, what a beautiful bride!"

  • Lamb - Song of Ruth 
    Traditionally spoken by bride and bridegroom together in Jewish and Christian wedding vows, “Wherever you go, there I will go, wherever you die, I will die...”, these ancient words from recorded in the Biblical book of Ruth are set to a slow, heartfelt melody with prominent mandolin and male vocal.

  • Misha Goetz – Ani L’Dodi (I Am My Beloved’s) 
    The soft, sweet voice of Misha Goetz sings a modern rendition of the traditional covenant words set to beautiful piano music. Slow and rising.
  • Avner & Rachel Boskey – Arise, My Love
    Song of love and romance from the Song of Solomon. Hebrew and English.

  • Miqedem – Dodi Li (My Beloved is Mine)
    Miqedem, the Messianic music group from Tel Aviv, produced this beautiful song fitting for a Messianic wedding. Soft piano and violin with an eastern sound set the tone and mood, with all-Hebrew lyrics from the Song of Solomon:
    Dodi li va'ani lo
    Dodi li va'ani lo
    Dodi li va'ani lo
    Haro'eh bashoshanim

    Akuma na va'asoveva ba'ir bashvakim
    Uvarchovot avaksha et she'ahava nafshi

    My beloved is mine and I am his
    The Shepherd among the lilies
    I will arise and go about the city
    In the streets and in the squares
    I will seek the one my soul loves

  • Jonathan Lane - Come My Beloved
    Upbeat praise, "Come, my beloved, and welcome your bride!"

  • Micha'el Ben David - Chesed V'Emet
    Slower, waltz-like song from Psalm 85. "Mercy and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed..." Hebrew and English.

  • Barry & Batya Segal – Ma Navu
    Hebrew and English, acoustic, soft and mystical. Prominent female vocal singing the words of Isaiah: ”How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him proclaiming good news, who proclaims peace and brings Yeshua (salvation)!”

  • Aviad Cohen - Pursue Love
    A moving Scripture reading set to an instrumental, 1 Corinthians 13, "Love is patient, love is kind..."

  • Liberated Wailing Wall - Ani L'Dodi
    “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” Traditional song from the Song of Solomon. Hebrew and English.

  • Avner & Rachel Boskey – The Messianic Banquet
    An upbeat Messianic twist on an old Yiddish song, "A Sudenyu", telling what will happen at the welcoming banquet of Messiah. Yiddish.

  • Aviad Cohen - Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Instrumental)
    Upbeat, beautiful instrumental.

  • Steve McConnell – V’erestikhli L’Olam
    Peaceful. In this violin and piano-heavy beautiful tune, McConnell sings in Hebrew the ancient words of the prophet, speaking the divine love song: “Verestikhli l’olam b’tzedek uvarachamim / I betroth you to me forever in righteousness and lovingkindness.”

  • Ronen Shalom – The Promise 
    Set to acoustic guitar, Israeli artist sings the words of the prophet in this divine love song: “I betroth you to me forever, in righteousness and in justice, in mercy and lovingkindness, and in faithfulness.”

  • Steve McConnell - Covenant Love
    Soft, storytelling song of Ruth and Naomi.

  • Ted Pearce - The Marriage Has Come
    Upbeat praise, forward looking to the marriage of the Lamb.

  • Jonathan Settel - Yedid Nefesh
    Traditional version of the classic Jewish chant Beloved of the Soul.

  • Rivka Whitten - Soul Mate
    Modern spin on the old traditional piyyut, "Yedid Nefesh", beloved of the soul. Hebrew, slow, meditative.

  • Teshuva – Arms of Love 
    Modern sound. Singing of the divine arms of love.

  • And of course, Barry & Batya Segal - Hava Nagila ("Let us be glad and rejoice...") is a classic upbeat song often sung at Jewish weddings:

There you have it, folks, the Blessed 14 Messianic Jewish Wedding songs. Enjoy!

(Reading this at a later date and need to download the songs for your wedding? Contact me.)

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