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MessianicChords: Browse By Artist, Browse By Song Name

I’ve been rolling out some great stuff with Chavah Messianic Radio, but I’ve also been making MessianicChords more useful. In particular, I added these two features: browse lyrics and chords by song, and browse by artist:


You can now Browse By Artist:


As well as Browse By Songs alphabetically:


And of course, all this works on PC, Mac, tablets, smart phones. It’s all good!

Makes it a little easier to discover song lyrics and chords to Messiah’s music. Enjoy!


  1. messianic is great. I have printed songs off of it. Should I bring my Zemer Levav chords this Friday?

    1. Very cool. Definitely bring your Zemer Levav chords. We'll play a few. Also, if you have them as a digital file, you can upload them to, just click the upload button.

  2. Judah - just came across this ... thank you ... ! How did you get/gather all of this?

    1. Most of the credit goes to other folks: My parents Bob and Jacquie Himango have been worship leaders in the Messianic movement for some 20 years. I've inherited many of the chords and lyrics they've accumulated over the years. Additionally, a Messianic musician friend, Lynne McDowell, had hundreds of chord sheets and wanted to contribute them to the site. And finally, people have come out of the woodwork to contribute chord sheets for their own music, or for music they've played over the years. One worship leader recently sent me 200+ chord sheeets, which I've yet to get on the site.

      I wanted to increase the visibility of Messianic music, so I took all these chord sheets and put my software talents to use, building a site that indexed all the lyrics and chords for these songs. End result is Hope you enjoy.

  3. Fantastic Resource!



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