Import jQuery - Contribute your music chords to the Messianic community

Hey folks,, the place to find lyrics and music chord sheets for Messianic music -- was released just a few weeks ago, and has been a smash hit.

Today, and it's only getting better. Oh yes! I just deployed a brand new version of MessianicChords that lets you upload your music sheets to share with the whole Messianic community.

The goal here is to build the largest, most comprehensive set of Messianic music lyrics and chord sheets and get them on the opened web. I think we've already accomplished that goal, thanks to the efforts of several contributors, but I'd like to grow this thing further by opening it up to you, the broad Messianic community.

So, if you've got music sheets – guitar, piano, or otherwise – or even just lyrics, why not benefit the whole Messianic community and get them onto the opened web? You’ll be helping out music-playing Messianic congregations and worshipers alike – a mitzvah in itself.

Here's how to contribute your chord sheets:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Upload them now" link:
  3. Choose files to select one or more files to upload. You can upload any document: .rtf, .docx, .doc, .txt, .pdf, whatever you like:
  4. Click upload!
  5. There is no step 5, you're done!

Your chord sheets will be reviewed and added the site, same day.

Enjoy, fine Messianic music aficionados.


  1. Excellent, thanks Judah


  2. Another execllent idea. Let me know what kind of response you get!



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