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Hey, fine Kineti readers, I’ve got something I’m very proud to show you today:


What is it?

It’s where you go to find lyrics and guitar chords for Messianic music.

Several years ago, in the post, But What Have You Done?, I became convinced that doing good for the Messianic community via my software talents is a fruitful way to spend my 20s. Towards that end, I created Chavah Messianic Radio, the Greatest Commandments Hierarchy, and now

Why Messianic Chords?

First, it directly benefits music-playing Messianic congregations in a tangible way: worshipers can find lyrics to songs, leaders can find old classics and new tunes for Messiah while the congregants benefit.

Secondly, it helps to preserve a great legacy of the Messianic movement! In the digital age, old classic tunes like Stuart Dauermann’s Let Us Exalt His Name Together, or Lamb’s Yeshua HaMashiach are fading from memory. Getting the lyrics and guitar chords for these songs onto the opened web helps preserve these great tunes for the Lord.

Finally, I felt this is one area lacking in both the Jewish and Christian worlds: you search for lyrics or chords, you end up with websites with a thousand advertisements, web design straight out of 1996, pop-up ads, a nightmare of a navigation system, proprietary (often Windows-only) chord document formats, and the chords themselves have lost their formatting on the web.


With MessianicChords, I fixed all those problems:

  • A fresh, clean, HTML5 web design
  • Zero ads
  • Chords and lyrics that preserve formatting of the author
  • Chords that can be viewed on any platform, over the web, without plugins or 3rd party software.

Oh yes! I’m really proud of this work.

It’s the culmination of a few years of building up hundreds of lyrics and chord sheets. The Messianic Chord Stash project, documented right here on the Kineti blog, serves as the backend for MessianicChords. I have to publicly thank a couple folks: Messianic musician Lynne McDowell, and my parents, Bob & Jacquie Himango.

Lynne has contributed numerous chords and songsheets to this project, as well has helped me prepare – thanks, Lynne!

Many of the chordsheets I’ve uploaded are courtesy of my parents, who have labored as a Messianic music leaders for 30 some years. Thanks to you both, wouldn’t have happened without you guys.

So try it out already! Go to, and type in a song name, an artist name, or even some of the lyrics to a song you’re looking for, and we’ll immediately list matches beneath the search box in real time. Click on a song, and you’re immediately taken to a Google Docs page that shows you the chords and lyrics right in your web browser.

Shalom, fine Kineti readers, and good shabbos!


  1. You're an inspiration, Judah. Your life and your walk encourages me so much. The parable of the talents comes to mind - you're the good and faithful servant, whereas I have been burying the talents I was entrusted with.

  2. Judah, excellent job! Thanks for the work you put into the movement

  3. Thank you for putting this together Judah. It's a blessing.

  4. An answer to prayers (mine, and I'm sure of others also) who have been suffering in home fellowships with poorly copied, marked-up, copies - often with lyrics not actually used. Thanx!

    Shabbat Shalom

  5. A great service, Judah. Will you be at the Asheville Messianic Music Festival in August. If so, we can finally meet each other like, you know, for real.

  6. Hrmm, August? Remind me when it gets closer. :-)

  7. Thanks for making this available, Judah. It's great.

  8. Thank you Judah! and family! I believe this is just what I need. Perfect timing. I am even more excited to learn my guitar now! tiyah

  9. Great! Let it get your guitar learning off to a great start.

    I learned guitar by playing old school LAMB songs like Baruch HaShem and Sh'ma Yisrael. These songs have just 3 or 4 chords - very easy to play - and once you learn a real song like this, it really is a great motivator to keep playing and keep learning.

  10. Tried it, like it. Great job. An excellent resource.

    1. Thanks, Efrayim!

      I'll have a "upload your chord sheets" feature added soon, so I hope to expand it further.

    2. Efrayim,

      I now have an "upload your chords" feature to the site. If you have chords to add, by all means send 'em over for the benefit of the whole Messianic community. :-)

  11. great Job Judah, thank you

  12. THIS is an excellent resource, Judah! Fantastic job on the search and the sheets are very readable. Keep going, guy!

  13. This is AWESOME!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! :)

    1. Woohooo! You're welcomed, you're welcomed, you're welcomed! :-)

  14. Cool. For the record I love what you have so far. Add in those more definable search parameters and I honestly think it would be one of the most user friendly chord sites out there.

  15. Very cool and much needed!


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