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7 year anniversary!

This weekend was my 7 year anniversary of marriage to my wife, Kristin.


This past year of marriage has seen some hardships. But we are working through them and getting stronger.

I spent the whole weekend with my wife; went out to 2 dinners, a scary amusement park, a movie, and even the opera!

The above picture was taken at a restaurant, Saturday night, while shabbat had not yet ended. A Messianic friend saw this and chided me for eating at a restaurant during shabbat.

Yes, I broke shabbat to celebrate my 7 year anniversary with my wife. I don’t regret doing so. Sometimes, there are things weightier than refraining from commerce on the sabbath. The health of my marriage is such a thing.

Kristin, I love you more than I did 7 years ago! You are my love forever, and I’ll keep you to the end if you’ll have me. Smile


  1. Man was not made for the sabbath but the sabbath for man. And I do believe you were doing the greater thing: loving your wife like Messiah loves the Church.

    Congratulations on SEVEN. The blessings of completeness in Messiah.

  2. Don't worry, Judah, according to traditional Judaism you did nothing wrong (halachically speaking).

    Happy anniversary, BTW! My six years of bliss is coming up next month.

  3. Thanks, Gene and Dan!

    And congrats to you, Gene, on your upcoming anniversary.

  4. Congratulations. Seven years, huh? Been 28 years for me and the missus. Just wait until you have grandkids. ;-)

  5. @James

    Thanks! But, according to my 11 year old son, he's never going to have a girlfriend or get married. With this certainty ahead, I'll be granchildless! ;-)

  6. This is a subset of the larger question of how we should live a Torah-observant life in a antinomian society. For instance, I'd be surprised if many of us avoid driving on Shabbot. Clearly driving a car violates the prohibition against lighting fires but we do it anyway because we would violate the positive command to gather together.

    Shabbot is supposed to be a blessing, not a burden. A successful marriage is a wonderful thing and deserves to be celebrated. I don't know the mind of YHVH on such things, but it makes sense that He would celebrate it along with Judah and Kristin.

    God Bless you both!

  7. As far as you 11 year old is concerned: I'd ask him again in a year or two. Try to get him on tape in the mean time - it will be good for his wedding dinner.

  8. "Clearly driving a car violates the prohibition against lighting fires but we do it anyway because we would violate the positive command to gather together."

    Jews who are trully Torah observant can and do meet for prayer in a minyan EVERY DAY of the week (as did earliest Jewish believers). That is to say that the violation of Shabbat through burning of gasoline and traveling excessive distances is an excuse only for those who, while claiming to be "Torah observant", prefer their own private interpretation of Torah to the Jewish one and who generally grew up with a Christian understanding of meeting together once a week on Sunday.

  9. Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Rebellion!

  10. Hey, thanks, Michelle! How are you doing? You must be the longest reader of my blog. I had no idea you were still around, but I'm pleased that you are. :-)

  11. Happy Anniversary to you guys Judah. I would have done the same thing. Blessings to you guys.

    We're coming up on 9 years ourselves.

    Seems like this is a good time of year to wed (and frustrate the Rabbi's as they try to preparer for a wedding that falls around the high holidays) :)

  12. Happy Anniversary... its 4 years for me and my wife... May you guys be blessed....

    Michael & Michelle Schiffman

  13. Hey, Judah ^_^ Yes, I'm still here...lurking...don't mind the cardboard box in the corner over there. And I'm doing well, thanks! Longest reader, eh? What an honor! :)

  14. What a great picture of the two of you. May Abba bless you two and your family always!



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