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Simple shabbat prayer

I'm sitting here in my car in our congregation's parking lot, waiting for shabbat to start. (and for the janitor to open the doors to our building!)

I'm looking out into the forest at the edge of the parking lot. Not a minute ago, I was praying, admiring the whole scene.

"God, you made all this. The dirt, the trees. Life. Humanity thinks it's so great, so knowledgeable. The only way we can make life is by using what you gave us; but you, you made life out of nothing. That's impressive!"

Funny things can come out when you speak sincerely. :-)

Have a goot shabbat, fine blog readers.


  1. What community do you attend, if you don't mind me asking...

  2. We're in Minnesota, Tabernacle of David. I play music for the congregation.

    We've been a congregation for several years, but only now are we building a website. I'll point you to it when it's up.

  3. We are but a small group too. Only been around for a little over 2 years.


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