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Ball of Light over Jerusalem

As seen in Jerusalem last week:

Angel? God? Israeli unmanned aircraft? ET? Hoax?

Probably the latter.

If it is a hoax, it’s elaborate, as the ball of light was recorded from 4 different perspectives, two of which are shown in the video.

Of course, those 4 perspectives could have been paid shills to promote a movie marketing stunt.

I love how some western news stories reported, “Some spectators believe it is the Hebrew god elohim”, seemingly not making the connection between Elohim and the God of the Bible.

Also adding to the comedy is the Mississippi woman with an unmistakable southern drawl uttering the self-defeating statement,
“We seen ‘em in Mississippi like this, but never like, eh, never like this.”


  1. It is the inaguration of Chava in Jerusalem. I always knew you are behind this.....

  2. I've been known to pull a few strings...

    :cue scary X-Files music:

  3. Those wiley Israelis. Test firing a space-based laser designed to disintegrate the aBOMination of the Rock.


  4. Actually, it would be fairly easy to make these videos with modern editing tools. The UFO doesn't go behind anything so all they need to do is burn it in over the video of the dome.

    It does prove that UFOs exist though.

  5. @David, the video up now is a different video, only showing one camera angle. (I had to change videos, because the others were taken down off YouTube due to copyright.)

    If it is a hoax, it's elaborate, involving at least 4 different groups of people filming at 4 perspectives.

    That said, it is possible, maybe even probably, it's a hoax of some kind.

  6. HOAX

    There are some good debunking videos on YouTube to prove it.

    One of my favorite events is of the Japanese 747 on it's way to Alaska. The whole crew witnessed and made sworn statements. Radar captured it. It was said to be the size of 4 aircraft carriers.

    In researching this story, some claimed that a similar event and ship were the driving force behind making the movie "wavelength" were the ship, in the end, landing in the desert was based on the real event.

    Whatever it is, I believe it to be real, but do not believe it to be "Elohim", my creator as if human is engineered by aliens ( the Zecharia Sitchin model).

    I highly recommend the video series on YouTube:
    "Nephilim Rising, Alien Desception"
    By: Estoniaisthebest

    It is really good......pop some pop corn and watch!!



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