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Weekly Bracha 41

This week in the Messianic blogosphere, plus news from Israel. A few particularly shiny gems this week.
  • What Did Jesus Teach the Gentiles to Obey? – In his final post, a conclusion of conclusions, on what Jesus taught the gentiles to obey, James reaches conclusions about what Jesus taught regarding leadership, servanthood, Torah, the whole bit. His conclusions may surprise both One Law Messianics and Bilateral Ecclesiology Messianics.
  • Why Orthodox Jews Should Believe In Yeshua – Addressing whether the divinity of Yeshua is Jewishly impossible. Good discussion in the comments, as one non-Messianic Jewish commenter asserts that a Jew can legitimately believe Jesus is the Messiah, but cannot believe Messiah is divine. No surprise there, I've long been saying the Jewish world won't accept Messianic Judaism as long as Yeshua is Lord.
  • How Should We Be Observant – On how Messianics ought to keep the Torah, Jonathan Roush advocates a pragmatic, rather than a stringent, approach:
    This, to me, is the heart of our observance. The love of people should guide us not to separate ourselves from other peoples' journeys. To put it differently, our love for God and His law should guide us to interact and interface with people. I believe this puts us in a position to converse with and (perhaps, G-d willing) to instruct those who we would otherwise have shut out due to our practice.
  • Ken Of Zion – New Messianic blog! My eclectic buddy Ken Lane has started blogging on Bearded People For Torah, Yeshua’s name, PMS Judaism, and more. Sit back, be amused, and learn.
  • The Big Fat Mess, the Controversy of Messianic Judaism – A look at Messianic Judaism from a liberal Jewish Christian’s point of view.
  • Anatomy of a Hit & Run – Compare the recent news report of an Israeli driving over a Palestinian boy with the video of what actually happened. Great example of Palestinian propaganda and western media bias.
  • Happy 10,000th anniversary, Jericho – Palestinians celebrated 10/10/2010 as the symbolic 10,000 year anniversary of the ancient city.
Enjoy the short-but-tasty bracha, fine Kineti readers.

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  1. thanks for putting all this together, Judah. good stuff for sure.


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