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Weekly Bracha 36

Whew, I hope you're hungry, fine Kineti reader, as this week we've got a whole heapin’ pile of bracha for your information-munching Messianic mind, with numerous Messianic blog items plus relevant news from Israel:

  • Historically-conditioned Scriptures – Rabbi Kinbar writes a deep post exploring whether God acts within history or apart from it. Also, a gem from critical New Testament scholar Larry Hurtado:
    Extreme ‘liberals’ and at the other end extreme ‘fundamentalists’ . . .   each regards the other as its polar opposite, [but] I suggest that actually both extremes tacitly share the same premise:  If the biblical writings are really historically conditioned they cannot be Word of God.
  • God, Air, and Dragon Con – Derek spends a weekend at a comics and sci-fi convention, and ponders the relevance of our message to the video game-playing, movie-watching, fantasy novels-reading regular people of the world.
  • Mashiach meets Hare Krishnas and Chabad! – A man with the appearance of Jesus-from-the-European-paintings, albeit a smoking, foul-mouthed version, is in Tel Aviv mingling with Hare Krishnas and Chabad, and is claiming to be the returned Messiah. Ah, Israel. Amusing!
    Arkedey the smoking Messiah
  • Kill The Most Radical Evangelist – New judicial news from the case of Jack Teitel, the Jewish anti-missionary who attempted the murder of an Israeli Messianic family.
  • Rosh Pina Project in the Messianic Times! – Congrats to Gev and Joseph for making it into the public Messianic eye.
  • Orbiter – Popular geek comic XKCD comments on Israel, political correctness, and the Fourth Principle of Nerd Dominance. Yes, I will find any excuse to link to XKCD in the weekly bracha.

News Items

  • Why Israelis Don’t Care About Peace With Palestinians – Whoa boy, the headline article on the latest Time Magazine is a provocative piece critical of Israel:

  • Benjamin Netanyahu Rosh HaShana greeting – In addition to the standard politician greeting, there may be some political undertones here as the peace talks continue, with Netanyahu making a point to describe Jerusalem as “the united capital of Israel”:

  • Innocent Lives Lost – Palestinian terrorists have attempted to thwart the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks by killing random civilians. They succeeded in killing both parents of this family:

  • Free Palestine Movement plans to send plane to Gaza – The group responsible for the recent flotilla incident is planning a, erhm, flytilla.
  • Ten Years On – Remember this photo? The above photo, published 10 years ago in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other large media outlets, swayed world opinion against Israel, depicting an angry Israeli police officer standing over a bloodied Palestinian. Well, it turns out the bloodied Palestinian was really Tuvia Grossman, a Jewish student beaten and stabbed by a Palestinian mob, and the angry Israeli officer was in fact trying to stave off the mob from killing the young student. 10 years later, Grossman meets the Israeli officer who saved his life:

    Grossman meets officer who saved his life

J-BOM (Jewish Book of the Month Club)


  • Dr. Michael Brown on the Greek-to-Hebrew translation that is the Franz Delitzsch New Testament, and First Fruits of Zion’s project to translate it into English. 

Enjoy the extra helpings of bracha, fine blog readers.


  1. Dr.Brown is a great and respectful scholar. I appreciated his approach to critiquing something he has yet to see nor admittedly understanding the full scope of the project. I look forward to getting on the phone with him soon to discuss the full vision, intent, and purpose of the work. I think he properly describes Delitzsch and his Hebrew translation. Rest assured as we move towards the completion of this work we will be fully disclosed on the intent, transparent on our hope and purposes, and pray that you and others will receive this work as a useful tool to study and glean from.

    If you would like to read more about the project, download sample texts, etc. You can visit the project site here:

    Grace and peace,

    Boaz Michael

  2. Boaz, you should definitely get on the Line of Fire. I would love to hear 2 great Messianic minds together discussing this stuff.

  3. Judah,

    With all due respect Brown is not Messianic.

  4. Brown is a Jewish evangelical Hebrew Christian. His opponents call him a Messianic Jew, in fact, some would say he is the most visible Messianic Jew.

    We wouldn't consider him Messianic because he has the standard Christian view of the Torah. We would consider him a Christian.

    Perhaps I'm using the term "Messianic" liberally. :-)

  5. Richard Harvey writes in an essay on Messianic Judaism:

    "Some in the Messianic Jewish movement would exclude certain observances as "Hebrew Christian" (Baruch Maoz and Arnold Fruchtenbaum), but failing to express all views gives a distorted picture of the breadth and diversity of opinion found within the movement. At present there is no normative view of Torah, although all seek legitimacy for their positions."

  6. Joseph,

    Considering that Fruchtenbaum himself coined the term "Hebrew Christian," this essay is odd.

  7. Yeah. I'm in favor of using the term Messianic liberally and in the broad sense. YMMV.

  8. Thank you for your information. I have been part of a sort of Messianic movement for several years and partly still in a regular church....not really have complete direction of how to regulate this. I love ISRAEL and feel I am a Daughter of ZION and a ZIONIST more. I never have really blogged even for myself but this seems quite interesting to search out. I have traveled to ISRAEL 9 times and worked on a base there but I am not Jewish that I know of. So I do have questions just not today as I have to hurry off. It is Shabbat but I am not consistent with that even. So that is where I am
    Shalom Jo Ann


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