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Messiah Minutes Podcast 1 - You Just Might Be Wrong

2 guys talking Messiah, Judaism, Torah, life. Might be amusing, nu? Yes, we’re starting a podcast.

My younger brother Aaron, who goes by the pen name Jewzilla, has quite a different view of the world than myself, your cookie-cutter Messianic host. Our deep conversations about God, Torah, and life are so ridiculous and outrageous, we thought you fine blog readers should be exposed to our craziness.

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Most Messianic podcasts out there following a teaching/lecture format. We’re taking a different approach. We’ll discuss an issue from varying viewpoints, have some banter back and forth, and have regular guests on the show, guests who have some relevance to the Messianic community, perhaps even having some of you fine blog readers join the show from time to time.

Plus, we’re exciting. In the Messiah Minutes podcast, you’ll enjoy dinosaurs, birthday cake, and unicorns. Oh yes.


In this first podcast, Aaron and I talk about discussions on the internet and being opened to the impossible idea that you’re wrong. About God, theology, whatever. You might just be wrong.

This first podcast is rough – audiophiles’ ears will bleed through our low-quality Skype conversation, and our nonsensical ramblings will lose even the most careful listener. But stick with us, I think we’ll move towards something good and something useful as we get better at this.

Hope you enjoy.

Show notes:


  1. Yeah my audio was terrible. Sounded like I was drowning half the time when I'd chime in on the other side, hahaha. But the good thing is, you can mostly understand what I'm saying when I got to talk long term. Still, we gotta do better.....

    I thought in terms of content, it was great. Thought it was a great intro and run through on what we're about to embark on. Hope people enjoy it.

  2. Agreed. Let's buy you a headset and get better quality. There's only so much a web cam can do.

    Also, I would regularly breathe into the mic, that was distracting. I'll make some adjustments on my side to prevent that.

    I think this is going to be great. Let's keep this going.

    Messiah Minutes is the name for now...unless you or the blog readers have a better name in mind.

  3. "you just might be wrong".

    Would be good if you took your own statement to heart.......

    "Let There Be Light"!

  4. Ouch! LOL.

    Listen to the podcast, I give an example of where I've been wrong and have changed accordingly.

  5. Congrats on the first podcast - apart from some audio issues, you guys did a good job.

    The Top Messianic Instigator

  6. Thanks, Gene.

    >> The Top Messianic Instigator

    LOL. Hey now, I think I both you and Dan as the top instigators. The two of you will have to share that unholy throne. :-D

  7. ElderChild, if you're serious, explain your accusation.

  8. FYI, in the graphic, I am the awesome cool green dino, and Judah is the mostly naked chick.

  9. Mazel Tov on your podcast!

    Are you adding it to iTunes' podcasts? If not, how about a rss/xml that we can load into a podcatcher?

  10. @Jewzilla, I guess the dinosaur fits you: outdated, everyone's scared of you, you look like a monster, and everyone's moved on to better things. :grin:

    @Rick, we'll definitely add to iTunes. Give us a tick, I'll set it up so you can subscribe through both RSS and iTunes.

  11. "I guess the dinosaur fits you: outdated, everyone's scared of you, you look like a monster, and everyone's moved on to better things. :grin:"

    Judah, I wonder then how the half-naked chick represents you:)?

  12. Why, I seduce people with my sexy theology, f*sk them over, then take their money!


  13. Judah,

    I'm the awesome dino because I'm Jewzilla, I'm big, mean, scary, and strong. And people cannot take such a thing, so they run away.

    You are the bikini chick because you're easy, cheap, and superficial hahahaha..

  14. Ouch! This very thread is turning in the nasty personal insults we discussed in the podcast! :wink:

  15. Judah,

    I cannot for the life of me understand what Jewzilla writes, how then you want me to understand what he speaks? LOL!

  16. Good point. Maybe the podcast would be better if it was just me talking to a stuffed animal that nodded its head every so often. At least then it would be cute.

  17. Haha... unlearned Christians who can't understand me... I feel like Paul.

  18. Yes, my ears did bleed a bit...but I enjoyed it. Good first step, guys! Appreciate you both. :)

  19. Finally got around to listening to the first podcast. Thanks, Judah and Jewzilla for creating a dialogue-format podcast for us Messianics...I look forward to more episodes. (And I'll also be waiting with Rick for an rss feed.)


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