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Yeshua Film Needs Financial Help

The last weekly bracha was busy, so you may have missed the news: film maker Emma Mankey Hidem is doing a documentary film on Messianic Judaism entitled, In the Name of Yeshua, and the project needs your financial help.

The Messianic Times magazine is now running an article the film.

The film needs our donations. Emma Mankey Hidem writes,

As supportive of people have been of me and of this film with kind words and good advice, one thing that has really been lacking is financial support. To be honest with you, I’m starting to feel like I’ve hit a wall and I’m getting rather frustrated. Everyone I talk to wants this film to get made and thinks it’s a great idea but no one is willing to actually step up and support the film in the way that it needs the most support – financially. And it wouldn’t take much.

To help raise money, she’s running a fundraising giveaway: donate $25 or more and receive you’re entered to receive a piece of Judaica jewelry.

I encourage you fine blog readers not to underestimate the role of media in influencing minds and changing hearts. Hollywood and the western media should have taught us as much. In the Name of Yeshua has the potential to influence many.

Would you consider helping out? $5, $10, or $25 would be of tremendous help towards a cause that will raise awareness of the Messianic world and Yeshua-faith.

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