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Shabbat Music Fridays

One great joy in my life is praising God.

If I’m down, playing some praises on the guitar raises me up. Distant from God, cold, just not into the faith thing at all – breaking forth with joyful praises and psalms busts me out of that.

Praises, songs of joy, rejoicing in the Lord – there’s something delivering, something supernatural in that stuff, I tell ya.

I play guitar for a small Messianic congregation, Tabernacle of David, each week. As I sat down to pick out a few songs for this shabbat, I thought, “Hey, why not let the fine Kineti blog readers have a peek?” So here is a glimpse into a joyful part of my life – a little praise music on the guitar, oh yes! :-)

Hopefully my terrible singing doesn't make your ears bleed, and hopefully you can enjoy this little bit of Messianic praise music. ;-)

Have a good shabbat my fine blog readers.


  1. A Messianic guy by the name of Steve McConnell. The song is actually called Sukkot Song (it's from the traditional blessing on Sukkot), but I adapted it for shabbat. :-)

    Here's the MP3 if you're interested:

    Steve McConnell - Sukkot Song

  2. That was great! You made my wife smile and she says Shabbat Shalom to the young man.

    We've got to get together and do some praise music. When are you going on tour?


  3. Could you post the chords?


  4. Woohooo glad you guys like the Messianic praises. :-)

    @Efrayim, heheh, definitely we'll have to do some praising together.

  5. Very nice my multi-talented brother.


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