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Weekly Bracha 21

This week in the Messianic blogosphere:
  • Is Messianic Judaism A Judaism? –If a Messianic congregation has lots of gentiles in it, is it still a Judaism? Are they Messianic Jewish? Are they Christian? And why are we so anxious to be accepted by the Jewish world?

  • Jesus, the Land and Christian Thinking Today – The New Testament doesn’t have a theology about the land of Israel. Therefore, neither should Jesus’ followers. Hooray, now we can be anti-Israel and feel Jesus-Good about it. The usual gang of Messianic characters (Leman, Shlomovich, Weissman, etc.) jump into the comments alongside several anti-Israel Christians and others.

  • Messianic Jew interviewed on prime time Israeli TV(UPDATE: read the English transcript) Messianic Jew Asher Intrater, a leader of Messianic Jews near Jerusalem, was interviewed on prime time Israeli television. (Anti-missionaries tried to prevent this through lobbying, government venues, and media outlets, but failed. Needless to say, Yad L’achim and friends are very upset about this.)

  • Shavuot Ramblings – Tim reflects on the upcoming biblical feast of Shavuot, and draws parallels between Samuel, David, and Yeshua.

  • Why do I read Midrash, Part 2 – Carl Kinbar explains:

    My work in midrash is part of an emerging Messianic Jewish project that seeks to deal in depth with these difficult textual and communal issues “performing a tikkun, a repair of what has been broken.” Like archeologists digging and sifting on their site, I find fragments here and there, slowly getting a feel for the site. I see how these pieces might fit together. Slowly, a picture—or parts of a picture—starts to emerge. Gaps become evident and cry out to be filled.
  • Do-It-Yourself Ascension Day – Celebrating Yom HaAliya – the day of (Yeshua’s) ascension:

    Yom HaAliya is a great time to gather with friends to celebrate the ascension of Yeshua who rose like a wholly burnt offering into the sky ten days before Shavuot.

  • Rabbi Shmuley Pitches Shabbos to the Pope! – How should the Catholic Church defuse its sex scandal? Celebrate shabbat, says Rabbi Shmuley to Pope Benedict.


  • Pastoral Epistles Study – John McKee finishes his engaged study of the first chapter of 1 Timothy, in which he discusses the famous doxology therein which seems to describe Messiah as the eternal King and only God.

  • Yeshua and the Sower Parable – Derek Leman on the coming Kingdom of God, it’s partial application, and how this failed people’s expectation of a sudden and immediate kingdom.



  1. Thanks for the linkage. I'll come back and peruse the other resources here when I get a moment.

  2. MJTI logic: We absolutely do not seek to be a part of Judaism, but we call ourselves "Messianic Judaism".....DAHHHH!

    Hey Kinzer, how about "Messianic Indonezia?"......


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