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Weekly Bracha 20

This week in the Messianic blogosphere. I’ve missed a few, I know, was a busy week last! Forgive me if I’ve omitted any good posts/podcasts from the past week.



  • Pastoral Epistles Study: 1 Timothy 1:8-11 – John McKee’s latest lecture on the pastoral epistles, in which he addresses the “law is not for righteous persons, but for law breakers” bit often quoted as support against Torah-keeping.

Enjoy these tasty bracha bits, fine blog readers. :-)


  1. The link to "Our Daily Bread" article on not joining Messianic is great!, lol, we are making an impact, so much that they have to write about it...

    So many gentiles and jews want to follow the Torah of God, and no one can stop them...

  2. It's interesting to read the "Our Daily Bread" article back-to-back with the "Obedience by Choice" blog, since they take such different approaches to the same topic. There seems to be such a struggle with understanding that loving God and God's behavioral expectations can indeed go hand-in-hand rather than being mutually exclusive.

    I've been bumping into this issue a lot lately, including engaging in an email conversation with a Christian gentleman in Australia. I suspect we'll end up agreeing to disagree. Some Gentiles (like me) seem to be just "called" to the Messianic lifestyle (probably what the "Our Daily Bread" article was trying to short circuit) but others approach Messianics as if we are radioactive and ready to explode.

    This is certainly a walk that requires perseverance.

  3. There is a good possibility that "Our Daily Bread" has been exposed to the abuses of Michael Rood, as both are located in Michigan. Much of what they say may be in reaction to this.

  4. "...turning back to the rituals....?"

    Maybe the authors can tell us when did do the ritual initially?

    Didn't need to read further....

  5. Jews and Gentiles? Are we talking about the ones who are now the sons and daughters of YHWH through faith in Messiah Yeshua?

    Is this getting old for anyone else?

    If what Yeshua said is not true, then continues with the "Jew/ Gentile" game.

    Otherwise, it would be a good idea to start believing that what He said is true.




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