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Holocaust Rememberance

Hello fine blog readers.

This Sunday, April 11th 2010, is Yom HaShoah, the day of remembering the Holocaust. 97994940129125530

Messianic organization First Fruits of Zion is holding a free Holocaust webinar this Sunday from 6pm-9:30pm central time.

If you do nothing else, why not join us? Recognized Holocaust educator Daniel Hennessy will be presenting, as well as Dr. Michael Schiffman of the Chevra humanitarian organization.

Hope to see you there.


  1. I probably won't. To me, the Holocaust isn't an intellectual topic I'd discuss in committee. I get alternately too angry or too depressed. Here's how I really feel:

    I will put a link to this blog on my Yom Hashoah blog article though, for the benefit of others.

  2. No problem.

    My understanding is, it won't be everybody discussing in committee, but rather, 2 educators teaching about the reasons the Holocaust came to be, in order
    that we can prevent anti-semitism in our time.

    We'll see. I'll let you know how it went.

  3. Thanks Judah. You are right this in not a discussion. Rather a sobering presentation of facts, a study of the history development of pre/post Holocaust.

    Everyone should attend this to connect with, learn from, and be a echoing voice for this part of our history.

  4. For the record, it was a moving presentation by both Daniel Hennessy and Rabbi Schiffman.


    I'm still a bit shocked at the whole thing. Still reeling from some of the imagery presented. You've seen images of the Holocaust before. But seeing the rise of the Nazi Party, with anti-Jewish Christian doctrines contributing to its power, and the horrific end result for was moving.

    Rabbi Schiffman's organization provides food and aide to Holocaust survivors, and does so in a way that does not humiliate or oblige those who receive. I encourage you fine blog readers to donate what you can.


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