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God and suffering – live debate tonight

UPDATE: here is the audio recording of the debate:



Hey fine blog readers.

Tonight (April 15th, 2010), agnostic scholar Dr. Bart Ehrman will be debating Hebrew Christian apologetic Dr. Michael Brown on the question:

Does the Bible provide an adequate answer to the question of suffering?

The two will debate at Ohio State University, and the event will be streamed live over the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Dr. Ehrman is a former Evangelical and a critic of the New Testament who turned to agnosticism after the question of suffering pushed him away from his former faith. He has written popular books since then including Misquoting Jesus, and Jesus, Interrupted. He has appeared on popular television shows like The Colbert Report and The Daily Show, and has made a number of appearances on National Public Radio.

Dr. Michael Brown has a few words to say about the debate before tonight:


  1. I was not able to see it, do you know if anyone posted it online, such as youtube, and also did you get to see it Judah? If so what were your thoughts?


  2. Yeah, if I recall right, they said it will be posted online. I'll let you know when it is.

  3. OK Zion, I've updated the post with an audio recording of the debate.


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