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Weekly Bracha 15

This past week in the Messianic blogosphere, related items, plus a few funnies:

  • The Last Sedar and Yeshua’s Passover Chronology – John McKee covers the 3 main ways Yeshua’s last supper, death, and resurrection could have taken place. McKee laments that Messianics will start fighting over trivial Passover chronology issues, taking the focus off the big saving, redemptive work of Messiah.

  • What is the Meal Of Messiah? Part I, Part II, Part III – Boaz Michael’s article in Messiah Journal 103 on the Meal of Messiah, now in blog form for your reading pleasure.

  • Spider Jew, Spider Jew – Doin’ whatever a Spider Jew does… Courtesy of IsraellyCool, a photo snapped at the Western Wall, perhaps around Purim?

  • Eating at the Master’s Table – After reading Boaz’s Meal of Messiah series, James ponders how the Christian Eucharist fits into the Passover idea.

  • J-BOM roundup: The first few J-BOM posts are starting to trickle in:

  • I Am C3PO – Those on the triennial Torah cycle have just finished reading the story of Moses and the burning bush. XKCD has the goods:

    (And if your geek creds are lacking such that you don’t get it, there’s always XKCD Explained.)

  • Dauermann on the Son of David – Derek Leman summarizes Rabbi Stuart Dauermann’s address to a Christian missions-to-the-Jews conference, how the gospel message of “Jesus as personal savior” is too weak in comparison to the apostolic teaching, and how repentance and Torah must be a part of the gospel message.

  • Liberated From Legalism – A Christian view by Scot McKnight on what constitutes legalism.


  • What is the New Covenant, Part 3 – John McKee’s 3rd part on the New Covenant, where he addresses what “fullness of the nations” means, the book of Hebrews, and animal sacrifices: 

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  1. Ponder, ponder. Thanks for linking to my latest blog article. :D

    BTW, the C3PO burning bush cartoon was cute.


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