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Caleb Myers on Israel and Yad L’Achim


It should be stressed that Israel is a Jewish and democratic state, while the actions of Yad L'Achim are not consistent with either the noble values of Judaism or the values of democracy.

[Israel] is a country that arose on the ashes of a people that was persecuted for its religion, and has resolved since its establishment to bear the standard of full equality, without discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion or nationality.

Caleb Myers, from the Jerusalem Institute for Justice’s request to dismantle the Yad L’Achim organization, a religious purity organization which has persecuted Messiah’s followers in Israel over the past decade.


  1. Oramos por tu vida Caleb, que Adonai permita que seas un instrumento defensor de todos los judíos que creemos que Y'SHUA es el Mesías de Israel y por esto padecemos discriminación.


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