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Weekly Bracha 12


Video blogs:

  • A Few Thoughts on the End-Times – Man. Aren’t you guys tired of all the “Jesus is coming back. THIS YEAR!!!!” stuff from Messianics and Christians? Talk about the boy who cried wolf! John McKee talks about the futility of setting the date of Messiah’s return.



  • Was Jesus a Rabbi – Dr. Michael Brown discusses with his listeners whether Jesus was a rabbi.

Enjoy your weekend, fine blog readers!


  1. "They want this to be a Jewish state. They want all Christians out of this land."

    HAHAHAHA, no crap! They're just doing what the Torah says.

  2. I just linked back to Rosh Pina and noticed I missed the whole Catholic-MJ-Mark Kinzer debate about a month ago. Doggone it.


  3. @Aaron, folks like that are ones that gave birth to murderers like Jack Teitel - attack everyone who doesn't agree with their stringent theology. They will do it to Arabs, Druze, Messianics, even Conservative and Reform Jews. And they'd do it to us, too.

    @Todd, Yeah, that seems right up your alley.


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