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Messianic Music Chords: Dancing In Jerusalem, Sing Halleluyah

One of my goals for 2010, and my way of contributing something useful to the Messianic movement, is to make Messianic music chord charts freely available on the open internet.

As a Messianic music lover and guitarist, I’ve collected and written a lot of Messianic music chord charts, but they’re sitting at home, privately tucked away in my guitar case.

Putting them on the internet is a way of benefitting Messianic congregations. It’s also a way of perpetuating Messianic music. After all, the internet never forgets! Especially considering things like the Internet Wayback Machine. Put something on the open internet, it’ll live forever a really long time.

So, my goal is a worthy one, and happy to report I’m making progress on that front. I’ve now got 2 more classic Messianic music chord charts uploaded to the open web:

In case you don’t quite remember these, here’s a refresher:

Israel’s Hope – Sing Halleluyah.mp3

Lamb – Dancing In Jerusalem.mp3

Enjoy these classic 1980s hits!


  1. How do you post those song imbeds, Judah? Can you teach us? If complicated, nevermind.

    Can I request that you post "Let us Adore" (Israel's Hope) for your Friday afternoon facebook status update? Then I can share it on my page from there for Sabbath meditation. : )

    One of my all time favorite worship songs. That was the first Messianic music I ever heard.....way back in the 80's.



  2. Hi Maureen,

    I use 2 tools:
    -Windows Live Writer to write the blog posts.
    -Mp3 plugin for Windows Live Writer to insert MP3s.

    I highly recommend using Windows Live Writer to write your blog posts. It's free, super-easy to use, and works with Blogger, Wordpress, etc.

    p.s. I wrote that MP3 plugin myself, so hopefully it works for you. :-)

  3. Oh, and yeah, absolutely, Let Us Adore will be Shabbat Music Friday on Facebook. :-)

  4. Do you have a Mac version of your MP3 plugin? I cannot use Windows Live Writer on a Mac apparently.
    I will just share your song imbeds on my facebook page. Thanks!

  5. Hey Maureen,

    I just had another thought.

    To embed MP3s in your blog, you can just paste in this HTML snippet.

    Just copy & paste that snippet into the HTML for your post, and you're all set.

  6. I'm totally musically inept, but one of the fellows at our congregation is a musician and songwriter, so I'm passing this along to him.

  7. Thanks Judah, from one axe man to another :-)



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