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Also Coming in 2010…

I mentioned in 2009 year’s end round up that I am particularly proud of contributing something of value to the Messianic community through the Greatest Commandments Project and the Weekly Bracha. Contributing stuff like this is great. Far, far better than the endless, fruitless, internet smackdowns between religious people that has become a staple of many religious blogs.

There are 2 additional projects I will be tackling this year, projects that I hope will also contribute some value to the Messianic interweb dwellers:

  • Paul’s Epistles – As a student of Paul’s letters, back in 2006 I started a project that puts the apostle Paul’s letters in blog form, using plain English, based off The Message translation of the Bible. Each chapter from Paul’s letters translate to a single blog post. I’ve got a lot of good feedback from this project, and I want to resurrect it in 2010.

  • Messianic music chords on the open internet – Guitar chords for Messianic music songs is kind of a big deal. It lets folks doing music for Messianic congregations more easily learn Messianic music, whether from classic Messianic pioneers or upcoming artists. Messianic congregations benefit. 

    Last year I posted some of the Messianic guitar chords to the internet. But there are a couple problems: the chords are in Microsoft Word document format, which isn’t universal, and they’re buried in a difficult-to-navigate website (Windows Live SkyDrive).

    To address these issues, this year I will be transferring the guitar chords to the opened internet on Ultimate Guitar. Not only does this make each song linkable, navigable, and universally readable by all web browsers in plain HTML format, but Ultimate Guitar also allows you to instantly transpose an entire song up or down any number of steps, right from your web browser. Brilliant. coolHere’s a sample: Israel’s Hope – Oh Give Thanks

These will be ongoing projects – no schedule – over the next year or two. These will, I hope, contribute something of value to the Messianic movement.

Take care, me bloggies!


  1. Judah:

    The Paul and music projects sound great. I will be eager to see what you have on both of them.

    I just got Sounds of Prayer by Roman and Alaina. Any chords for their music yet?

    Derek Leman

  2. Hi Derek,

    I talked to Roman and he sent me the chords to "Bless G-d" and "Teach Me To Overcome". I've done "Teach Me" at our shabbat group, I thought it went well, it's a great song, and easy to play.

    Roman has since uploaded those chords and a few more to his website:

    Roman & Alaina - chord charts for Sounds of Prayer

    "Bless G-d" is a tough song to play. I think Roman may have written some of those chords out wrong. Good luck.

  3. That link is no good. Any other ways to get their chords?

  4. Hi! Since the time of this writing, I published Messianic

    You can find a great number of Roman and Alaina's chords on there, including

    "Bless G-d",
    "Mashiach Intervene,
    "HaShem, Open My Lips"



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