A mover and a shaker

Shhhh…hey guys, it’s me again, Kess. I sneaked onto Dad’s blog to write this. Just wanted to say, “hi!” and tell you that I’m super close to crawling! I can get up on all fours and sway back and forth. Now I just need to move my arms to stop me from falling on my face, and I’ll be a crawlin’ girl before you know it!


Bye for now! :smooooooch:


  1. Kess! Keep sharing! And keep growing! We're with you!

    ps-Tell your dad to buy a shot gun for when you get older. I'll help out too if I can.

  2. Hey Kess! Will you stop crying every time you see me? I'm not THAT scary... am I..?

  3. hi aaron

    this is kess again. umm...you scare me.