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Growing Liberal Opposition to Israel

More and more on the US political left wing is coming in opposition to Israel, especially now as President Obama pressures Israel to give up Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital.

Below is a recent video of Mike Harris, from the San Francisco Voice for Israel (a pro-Israel group), speaking at a Jewish film festival featuring an anti-Israel film. Watch as the leftist San Franciscan audience goes nuts on this guy for standing up for Israel:

Amusing! But also telling that the audience cheers for organizations like Free Gaza, cheers for Iranian President Ahmadinejad, and boos and hisses at all things pro-Israel.

The left is wrong on this one.

Hat tip to IsraellyCool.

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  1. a lot of those facts the speaker mentioned I wasn't aware of. I am grateful to have a heart to love Israel and support them...its refreshing; yet I realize from this video, and other times in the past, just how I may be viewed by so many in the world who don't view Israel in that same light. And its causes me to think about where I stand.

    All I know is that God loves His people Israel; and as a Gentile who places faith in Israel's Messiah I am called to love Israel too...and that I will do, as well as pray, and support however I can. I hope in years to come I never turn from this mindset.


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