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Kadosh HaShem

My younger brother Aaron, now attending Hebrew school in Israel, wrote a little song inspired from traditional Hebrew prayer. He sent me a video the other day showing him singing and playing it on his guitar. I enjoyed it, and hope you do as well, fine blog reader. It’s in Hebrew, but with an English translation overlaid.

The song is entitled Kadosh HaShem. Kadosh is a Hebrew word meaning set apart, or holy, and HaShem is an honorary title for God, literally meaning “The Name”. It is put to a slow, worshipful, niggun-like tune. Aaron tells me the song is inspired from the traditional Jewish Amidah prayers. Enjoy!

Kadosh HaShem


  1. Link is broken - should be

  2. Thanks, fixed!

    By the way, the video should be viewable inline if you have Microsoft Silverlight installed. First time using Silverlight here on the blog.

  3. Hey Bro.
    I just wanted you to know that I got out of FaceBook.

    How about asking you mom to give you my e-mail address, then you can send me yours.


  4. Hey Batzion.

    My email is the same as before: judah gabriel at gmail dot com. No spaces.


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