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Me Again!

Hey guys! It’s me, baby Kess. I’m 2 months old now, and life is good, woo! My mom bought me a little bow for my hair, and I’m looking super fly today! My mom & dad took some pictures, so I’m sneaking on my dad’s blog and posting them here tee-hee-hee.

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You can see more pictures over here.

Gotta go sleep now. Have a good shabbat! Bye!


  1. Judah - adorable! I see you in her.

    As a father of a beautiful little girl (10 months) myself who looks very much like me, I'd say our faces look MUCH better on them!


  2. Nice . . . keep havin' 'em until you catch up with me!

  3. Hahah. My wife is reluctant to have just 1 more, let alone the 6 or so needed to catch up with you, Derek! :-)

  4. Haha niiice... another cute baby niece!! =)

    Umm... did she really post this..??


  5. What can I say, Aaron, she inherited her parent's tech saavy genes. ;-)

  6. Forgive me for intruding on your blog, but i wanted to thank you for some help you provided me.

    I am a fledgeling, self-taught programmer-to-be, and i'm working on an app to help at work. I needed to make my text boxes work like a browser's address bar, and your comments were just what i needed. Only thing i needed to do differently was to set the alreadyFocused flag to true in the text box's GotFocus event handler.

    Thank you, and congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  7. Judah,

    Hahaha, that's very likely! Any child of you and Kristen has GOT to be one techy nerd, hehehe. =)

  8. Anonymous,

    Hahah, just a wee bit off-topic.

    I assume you're talking about my answer on Well I'm glad it helped.

  9. Judah I wonder if Kess will one day read your blog and say...
    "...hey, I don't remember saying that!!"

    Kids are challenging at any age but at Kess's age they are extremely cute.

  10. Hahah.

    They are challenging at times (heck, most of the time, to be completely frank). My son Connor is 9 now and we've had some trouble for sure. But overall, he is well-behaved and a good little guy. I'm hoping Kess will turn out like her brother.


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