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Shalom Jerusalem

Just got a hold of this hard-to-find gem of the Messianic music genre, the 1988 album from the group Israel’s Hope, Arise O Lord.


This album put Messianic music in the public eye, nominated for “Best Praise & Worship Album of the Year” from the GMA.

In this album, Paul Wilbur, Marc Chopinski, and Rene Bloch put together a masterful blend of symphony orchestra, piano, acoustic guitar, and saxophone. Background choir vocals add an angelic theme woven throughout the album.

Perhaps my favorite track from this album is Shalom Jerusalem, one of the gems of the Messianic music. It’s by many measures the "Amazing Grace" of Messianic genre. And given our recent discussion of the Jewish longing for Messiah, it’s also very pertinent in our day.

Israel’s Hope – Shalom Jerusalem

Israel beloved, Efrayim my son

How my heart would thrill to hear you say,

“The Messiah has come!”

Oh my brothers, hear these words, may they pierce your soul:

Turn again to worship Adonai, Moshiach you will know!

Shalom, shalom, Jerusalem

Peace be to you

When Messiah comes to take us home

May His praise be found in you!

The ending minute of the song is a stirring instrumental that renews our 2-millenia-old hope, evoking images of Messiah descending on the Holy City, Yerushalayim. A grandiose yet sincere finale that deeply moves me every time I hear it. Please give it a listen.

Shalom Yerushalayim, Messiah restore the peace and glory of the City of David soon and in our day, amein.

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