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Doesn't quite seem right that the blue guy won.


(Of course, Obama carried the popular vote, so I'm not complaining.)

Yet, regardless of the result, I don't envy the next President.

While President Bush inherited the dot-com bust of the late 1990s and soon after was hit by the 9/11 terrorist attacks, President-elect Obama will inherit something worse still: a crashing economy, bankrupt banks (I've always found that statement ironic), automobile manufacturers asking for money, a mortgage crisis, and local and state governments asking for money. Oh, and a federal government that's been handing out cash like it was free toilet paper.

Not looking pretty here in the US.


  1. Hi Judah,

    Well, according to those who think he is a Messiah, this will be no problem for him. We just can't see it yet because our hearts aren't right. Did you know that everyone has a hole in their head that only Obama can fill? That's right, except for those unevolved folks who are still clinging to their religion and their guns...

    I guess you can probably tell how I voted. I wish the blue states would ceceede (sp?)(I've a public school education, please excuse me.)from the union and keep him. I know blue and red isn't as clearly defined on this map as ones in the past but I'd be happy to give them a state or two.

    As for the big government 'buy in', how on earth do they expect us to pay for this???? I think they've lost their minds. The future looks more like socialism every day. Is Bush paving the way for Obama or what?


  2. I hear you.

    It shouldn't be a problem for Obama if he is indeed the messiah, as the left hailed and portrayed him throughout the campaign. Take from the rich and give to the poor. It's Robin Hood politics.

    Socialism is one thing. I am more worried about his stance towards Israel. His dearest friends have shown to have contempt and hatred for Israel. (Not to mention harboring silly anti-US conspiracy theories, such as the theory that the US government deliberately spread AIDS among the African American community.)

    Obama's dearest friends praised Mousa Abu Marzook, Hamas kingpin responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of Israelis, as well as inciting a civil war against the Palestinian opposition Fatah party.

    Obama's dearest friends compared Israel to aparteid South Africa, saying it even conspired with white South Africans to build a "race bomb" that would kill only Blacks and Arabs.

    Obama's dearest friends glorified Louis Farrakhan, the black racist leader of the Nation of Islam by putting him on the cover page of Obama's Church's newsletter, Trumpet Newsmagazine, calling Farrakhan, "Man of the Year". Farrakhan is the same guy who made such statements as, "The Jews helped get Hitler's Third Reich get on the road", blaming the Holocaust on Jews themselves.

    Obama's dearest friends demonize the Israeli Defense Forces, calling them "Israeli Death Squads".

    Obama's dearest friends put forth propaganda regarding Jesus, painting him as a "beautiful Palestinian boy" who was pitted against the White Establishment.

    These documented facts we know of Obama's dearest friends.

    Did any of these terrible ideas wash off on Obama?

    These things are of more concern to me than socialism, as foolish a policy that is.

  3. An interesting blog post I read on the subject...(The comments were thought-provoking, too, so check them out if you have the chance.)

  4. Robyn,

    JK sent me that blog in an email earlier this week.

    I agree with some sentiments in it -- we shouldn't be fear mongering; God's in control, period.

    I hope I've been careful in my words. In my last comment, I stated I was concerned about Obama's friends, and whether his friends' ugly ideas of Israel and the US, even their anti-Torah stances, have had any impact on Obama.

    I trust that is neither fear-mongering nor l'shon ha'ra.

  5. While pondering how that so many "Christians" could have voted this way, I heard Holy Spirit say, "Proverbs 28".

    Prov 28:4 Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, But those who keep the law strive with them.

    BTW, on a funny note, the Word Verification for this post was "neaner", as in the taunt "neaner, neaner, neaner".

  6. Judah,

    I am troubled by his shadowy background too and I am concerned with Israel and sad for my country too. It is Satanic the way he has risen to power without revealing anything about himself. I can't believe the inaugeration is so near and there are still questions(not by the media)reguarding whether or not he is a natural born citizen. He has used four different names in his lifetime. To me that is the mark of someone up to no good. He won't release any documentation about his education and no one remembers his at Columbia. Maybe he was using another one of his names? We don't know what grades he made at Harvard or how he paid for his education there. Are we sure he was there? He has no voting record to speak of as in Illinois, he voted present on all things except to vote for extreme abortion rights. He has no experience except with ACORN and the NINJA loans that he helped to force banks to make that have also helped to bring down our economy.

    If he doesn't like Jews, he's not going to like Christians like me who support Israel and the Jewish people. Farakan is one of those who call him Messiah and Farakan does not like anyone who is not black.

    WND has a petetion going to try and get the electoral college to make sure he is a natural born citizen before they convene on Dec. 15th. If interested, you could sign along with several thousand other concerned citizens. We obviously can't trust the powers that be, at this time, to do the right thing. You can also write to the Supreme Court justices asking them to please hear the two cases pending as to Obama releasing the vaulted version of his birth certificate and proving that he is who he is.

    I don't suppose we can force him to release any other information about himself but I have never seen such a thing where a man running for president gets a free pass from the media and the people are kept in complete darkness reguarding him. Isn't it a reverse form of predjudice to give someone special tollerance because of the color of their skin?

    I don't know about you but with all that is going on in Washington, I feel a bit like a deer caught in the headlights. I think many of us are like this and I'm afraid that when we snap out of it, it will be too late.

  7. I just read the post about fear mongering and I think that is what the government and the media is doing with the economy. I don't think having concerns about knowing who presidential candidates really are, or concerns that there are people who worship said candidates (where is the seperation of church and state on this one?), or concerns about a candidate who surrounds himself with terrorists, racists, and criminals, the same as fear mongering. In a representative form of government, like ours, the people have a responsibility to speak up when the balance of powers has ceased to function properly. When our news media ceases to function as a place where the people can get reliable facts about elected officials and those running for office becomes dysfunctional and is instead serving only as propaganda, we have to use the freedoms we have left to get at the truth. If we hunker down in fear now then I think we better be hunting for some caves to hide in because it is only going to get worse. A very dangerous form of fear is denial.


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