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Something new from First Fruits of Zion

I really love First Fruits of Zion organization. They’re intellectual yet readable and approachable. They are firmly grounded in the Scriptures while shying away from many of the conspiracy theories that afflict some of the hard line Christian and Messianic circles.

Boaz Michael from FFOZ writes about their new undertaking, TorahPortions:

Yesterday my family walked to a friend's home a couple of miles from our house. While walking down the road, I read aloud the book of James. We entered into discussion on various points throughout the reading. Something different stood out to each person. Each person was convicted in a different area as the Word was read.

There is something powerful in simply hearing and reading the Word. The Lord has the opportunity to speak to each of us, where we are at, and with what He desires teach us.

I am pleased to announce a new resource that we have developed to help spread the message found in God's Word using the weekly Torah reading schedule. The website is called, TorahPortions. At this time, the site has one simple goal--to get people to simply read and listen to the Word of God.

Its design is friendly and approachable for our Christian friends and brothers. The core biblical text is the highly acclaimed English Standard Version (ESV) which is one of the key translations used in our publications at First Fruits of Zion. This translation is conservative, literal, yet very readable. It is a solid translation that is widely accepted.
Let's let God do the work. Let's simply read and hear the Torah, the Prophets, and the Gospels. God will do the Work of convicting, prompting, and revealing his Torah to those of us that will simply listen.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this new site; I would greatly appreciate you spreading the word about this new resource. Let's get reading and listening. The first portion is this week! Click to Read / Listen to B'reisheet [Genesis].

Read “Jesus & Torah” on their homepage for an explanation of why reading and hearing the Torah is important for Messianics and Christians alike.

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