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You Who Fear the Lord

Just got Avner & Rachel Boskey’s Ancient Gates album.

Described as “worship from the deserts of Israel”, these Messianic artists have a unique Eastern sound, mixing ancient drums and flute with modern sounds in their worship of the Lord.

The varied array of instruments combined with Rachel’s beautiful voice really make this a wonderful Jewish music album for Messiah straight from the land of Israel.

A little sample for you all, Avner & Rachel Boskey – You Who Fear the Lord:


  1. Judah,

    We purchased their "Ancient Gates" almost 5 years ago.

    My how time flies when the end is near!

    We like their music and have even performed some of their songs at our previous home fellowship.

    Call me old school, but I really like the lead break in "King".

    "Remove the Veil" and "Good to Israel" are two of our favorites.

    Have you listened to Yosef Karduner? It's all in Hebrew, but the message is clear and can be a great help in learning the language. Yosef is not Messianic as we think of it, but his heart is toward YHVH and His ways. His CD "Road Marks" is our fav.

    What instrument do you play? I thought that you had mentioned a guitar once, but I wasn't sure.



  2. Wow, I didn't know it was 5 years old already. :-)

    It's funny you mention Yosef Karduner. I haven't heard of him, but I just checked my Israeli music collection that my brother and I have been putting together, and noticed 2 songs from him: "Hashivenu" and "HaShem Melech".

    Then I remembered Hashivenu from one Bible study we did together; I've actually played one of his songs on the guitar without knowing it was from him. Cool.

    Some of the Jewish, albeit non-Messianic, groups are pretty good.

    One such group I like is Simcha Kanter. He's got some really good nigguns as well as some beautiful renditions of the psalms. Here's one of his songs (also all Hebrew), I think you might enjoy it:

    Simcha Kanter - K'ayil Ta'arog (As the Deer).mp3

  3. By the way, Efrayim, if you haven't already, check out my Messianic music collection page.

    Shalom, bro.


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