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Feelings-Based Morality of the Secular World

"I don't push my values on anyone, not even my children."

Ever hear that before?

Gosh, it's got such a good ring to it. It's all non-confrontational, non-judgemental. You're not imposing anything. ("Imposing" has such as negative connotation, doesn't it?) You're not forcing anyone to do anything. You're the good guy. You don't push your values on anyone, not even your children.

:Post-Enlightment warm fuzzy feeling coming on. Wait for it... there it is. Ahhh mmmmmm.:

Think about that statement, "I don't force my values on anyone, even my children."

I call BS. Sorry, but that's a load of spineless, humanistic crap.

Do you teach your children to wash their hands? Do you teach your children to brush their teeth?
"But Judah, that's cleanliness! Of course I teach my child cleanliness!"

Cleanliness is a value. Aha! You impose your values on others, you disrespecter of personal freedom.

An amusing anecdote:

Yesterday, a female founder of a new singles magazine was being interviewed on a national radio show. The magazine puts forth the modernist idea that being single is a complete life and is just as fulfilling as the life of a married person.

The woman started,
"I never tell people to get married. Being single is in no way inferior to being married. You can live a complete, fulfilling life without marriage. And who am I to judge someone's personal decision to be single? Who am I to say marriage is superior to a single person's life of satisfying friendships and romances?"

Everyone nods their head in agreement. Who are we to judge?

The radio show host responded,
"Marriage is superior. It is the ideal for men and women to have a deep, lasting relationship, for children to have a mom and a dad, it's superior for families; better for all of society. If one is disallowed to state this fact, then neither could one say, for example, eating a low-sugar diet is superior to eating junk food. Or that hearing is superior to deafness."

The magazine author responded to this obviously close-minded radio show host,

"But so many single people are hurt and insulted and feel inferior when married people say that! Even if it's better for families, why say that and hurt the billions of single people on the planet who now feel incomplete and inferior to married people?"

The radio host who _obviously_ has no respect for personal freedom replied,
"It's one thing to insult a person. It's another thing to speak truth. If a person is insulted by truth, well, I feel sorry for that person. What is it that are you suggesting, we lie so as to not insult anyone?"

Feelings-Based Morality

Make someone feel good? Congratulations, you've done a great moral deed for the world, fellow human being. Fellow enlightened inhabitant of Planet Earth.

Make someone feel bad? Who are you to judge, you outdated, intolerant bigot!

Good morality, bad morality. This is how the world's moral system works:

Smiley face == good morality. :-)
Sad face == bad morality. :-(

It's a toddler's version of morality. And it's the moral code of the modern, secular world.

If imposing your values on others is a terrible proposition to this world, what greater frown the world sneers if you impose values on your own children!

Some of the world's wisest -- enlightened in man's latest understandings of the world around him, enlightened in human terms, feeling good about his own morality because he's lowered his carbon footprint -- told us these things:

Don't give your son toys for boys.

You know, trucks and cars and robots and building blocks and cowboy outfits. Cowboy outfits are insulting to Native Americans. And besides, don't impose your values of a heterosexual family Dad onto your son! For all the world knows, your son wants to grow up to be a feminine, gay prostitute. And who are *YOU* to judge? The world says, don't impose your ancient, irrelevant morality here, you close-minded bigot.

Don't give your daughter toys for girls.

Barbie dolls and playhouses and toy ponies, that kind of thing. Maybe she doesn't want to be a Susie Homemaker. For all the world knows, she wants to be a feminist power woman who needs neither man, nor children, nor family, nor God; no one but herself. And who are *YOU* to judge? The world says, don't impose your values here, or she'll become just another barefoot, pregnant woman in your kitchen, oh backwards man with your old, deprecated ideas!

Don't teach your children right and wrong, parents, raising them in the righteous path of the knowledge of God. For all the world knows, they want to grow up to be atheistic nihilists, living how they please, doing what they feel like doing. Not getting bogged down in whether something is right or wrong -- who needs that nonsense? And who are *YOU* to judge? Don't impose your useless Bronze Age mumbo jumbo about right and wrong!

So the world tells us.

Don't impart wisdom to your children. Let the world in its anti-wisdom educate your children. Close their ears to your wisdom. Blind them to your values. Do not instill in them righteous ways. This is the world's wisdom.

This truly -- in all reality and practical day-to-day living -- is the Age of Non-Wisdom.

The Age of Foolishness.

The Age of Anti-Wisdom.

What a mockery and spectacle will be the generation raised by the founders of Feelings-Based Morality.


  1. Amen! To many people let their feelings guide their actions, instead of the other way around. You make some great points!

  2. Atheism and nihilism don't always (or even often?) go hand in hand. I am an atheist with strong values and morals and they will be passed onto my children, or at least I'll do my best to pass them on. I will try to teach them the difference between right and wrong but I don't need a religion to understand the difference.

    Religion has been the source of morality and values for many people for a very long time, and most religions have a good grounding in this area! Why, because all religions were invented by humans. In other words religions have merely gathered together a shared human understanding about right and wrong. This is important but it isn't the preserve of religion, it is in all of us no matter what you believe.

    And I agree wholeheartedly, truth is the most important thing!


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