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And then there were the laughables...

So having blog comments enabled can make for good discussions and debate.

They can also enable the absolutely bizarre and laughable. Here's a comment I received this Sunday afternoon on a very old post about Israel and Palestine:

Zionists know how dumb Americans are, they influence the corrupt federal schools. Americans quality of education has dramatically nose dived.
Compete America, a coalition of more than 200 corporations, universities, research institutions and trade associations, said the USCIS announcement shows more H1-B visas are needed.
Why because Americans are too dumb.
Federal and state government handouts (provided without determining legal status, identification, residency or need) for: local health department care, emergency health care, prenatal care, catastrophic disease care, tuition, education, food, subsidized housing, public transportation, Medicaid, WIC, food stamps and numerous other social stipends, provide financial incentive to come to this country.
Why? Because americans are too lazy.
There is a direct parallel between americans losing America and palestinians losing Palestine.
Meixicans claim they own half the land and are only reclaiming it after many years of expulsion.
Now if they can claim some sort of holocaust and collect lots of money
off of it, the two countrys' will really be like two peas in a pod.
Americans will enjoy free housing by FEMA where they can be :
reintegrated to the New America (maybe?)

I chalk this one up to an Islamic man who believes in a world-wide Jewish/Zionist conspiracy, hates Israel, and believes the United States to be the Great Satan.

My supernatural Jewish intuition suggests he's not from the US because of the, ahem, inaccuracies in his post.

My evil Zionist psychic powers tell me he doesn't speak English as his native tongue, although he has known it for long enough to make semi-coherent sentences with some English idioms ("nose-dived" for instance). Most likely, English is his 2nd language from his early life.

On the other hand, maybe I'm wrong; maybe I'm just a dumb and lazy American. And an evil Jewish Zionist to boot! Plotting to take over the world!

Gotta laugh at these kind of comments. Then hit the delete button. :-p


  1. You'd be surprised how many of those anti-Zionist conspiracy theorists would say things very similar to what that guy wrote you.

    In fact, I've heard it from a member of Eddie Chumney's Messianic congregation. As well as some other Messianics.


  2. Whoa - from a Messianic? Oh no, that's terrible.

  3. Yeah, they are all into the "Zionists run everything" BS, even going to say that the Illuminati (Jesuit Priests) are Zionists and in cahoots with the Jews.


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