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Gone Fishin'

Yes, once again I am going on vacation - this time a 1 week fishing trip with the family and relatives. Got a nice, beautiful cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota. Should be a blast.

"But Judah, I'm bored and have absolutely nothing better to do than peruse your blog and be offended at your vicious attacking blog posts! What am I ever going to do with my life while you're gone?"

Have no fear, dear reader. Blogger's new "post in the future" feature lets me write blog posts ahead of time. This week, Blogger's hamster-run machines will faithfully post fresh blogs in my absence, allowing you to live your life to the fullest. ;-) Ah, the wonders of technological age.

Shabbat shalom, fine blog readers. And enjoy the pre-recorded blog posts while I'm gone. See you in a week!


  1. I hope it's warmer in northern MN that it is here! Tonight it will be about freezing; I have yet to put new plants in the ground. Do you just fish for fun, or do people in your family fish for a specific type of fish? I hope you all have a fun time!

  2. Sounds like fun Judah. Hope you and your family wonderful time. It's busy weekend for me, so I haven't had time to read part 2 yet...

    In Christ,


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