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US State Department: Should We Talk With Hamas?

The Official US State Department blog asks, should we talk with Hamas?

Hamas -- You know, the Jew-hating, genocidal, militant Islamic fundamentalist, hateful propoganda-spewing, suicidal maniacs currently running Gaza.

Hamas is the democratically-elected Palestinian militant group that encouraged and celebrated last week's massacre of 8 Jewish kids at a Jerusalem yeshiva.

That the US State Department would even consider this is a mockery of justice and a spit in the face of murder victims' families -- murders which were carried out by Hamas in the name of their false religion.

Great comment to the blog post:

U.S. Congressman Mark Kirk in Washington, DC writes:

Worrying that you guys are asking questions like this using funds approved by the appropriations committee that I am a member of.

Posted on Sun Mar 09, 2008

Hat tip: LGF

*UPDATE: follow-up post from the US State Department. Apparently, the "should we talk with Hamas" question generated a lot of media attention.


  1. Thanks Judah that you visited my site and shared your thoughts.

    Just a little attempt to recall your memories. :-)

  2. Ah, I've not forgotten evils of the past, even among Jews, Adnan.

    I've responded to your post on your blog.


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