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Aviad Cohen Speaks Yeshua on Jewish Radio

Aviad Cohen, the Jewish hip hop guy formerly known as "50 Shekel", who recently discovered that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah, is interviewed on a Hebrew radio station:

(Don't worry, English speakers, the Hebrew lasts only into the first few seconds of the interview, it's English the rest of the way out.)

Aviad speaks plainly about Yeshua to the Jewish host and to the listening audience. Really great interview - well done Avi!

I really like the part where the Jewish host asks, paraphrasing here,

"How is your relationship with God? ... Do you keep kosher?"

Aviad's answer to that is excellent and confronts the oft-held Jewish stance that keeping God's commandments, such as the kosher laws, and good works defines your stance with God. While we should not fall into gentile Christian foolishness where God's commandments are irrelevant, we likewise cannot fall into the Jewish thinking that good works alone define our standing with God.

Check out Avi's website,


  1. Judah,

    Thanks for posting this :)

    Yeshua bless you,

    Aviad Cohen

  2. Whoa, Aviad I'm honored by your post here, I feel like I'm talking to a celebrity.

    Hey man, the Lord bless you for your music and for your testimony. I'm really encouraged by all this. What God's done in your life is encouraging.

    Be blessed in Messiah. Take care, Aviad.

  3. When you are walking in the ways of YHVH you will want to good works. Faith and Works go together. James, the brother of Yeshua put it this way.

    James 2:18 But someone will say that you have faith and I have actions. Show me this faith of yours without the actions, and I will show you my faith by my actions!

    Keep up the good work Aviad!

    Be Well

    Levi Yisrael

  4. Levi, I agree. I hope I made it clear that there's nothing wrong in keeping the commandments, including kosher. If by our faith in Messiah we are Israelites, then we are obeying God by keeping his commandments in Torah, thus we should eat kosher out of obedience to the Father.

    Shalom guys.

  5. Levi,

    I find your blog very interesting. I'd love to comment to some of them, but comments are disallowed. Planning on enabling them?

  6. Judah, You made it clear. I was just making a supporting comment.

    About comments on my blog. As you can tell my blog goes against the grain. You do a great job handling the comments on your site, much better than I could do. My blog will make some think outside the doctrines that have been formed by man so I will just leave the for or against comments to your site. :-) You do a great job.

    Be well


  7. I'm still skeptical about Avi. I see him as in it all for the money of shobiz and he found that the Messianic group was a good cash cow, just like the rest of the hip hopers that see Jesus as a "homeboy" or a "cool dude"

  8. Anon, please contact Avi and speak to him yourself if you remain unconvinced he's the real deal.

    As far as Messianic groups being a cash cow, heh, I really think that's not true. I know Avi has had some financial issues because of the far less money he's taking in as a gospel artist as opposed to a secular artist.


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