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A benefit of being tall

Those of you that don't know me personally may be surprised to know I'm 6'7" -- that's taller than this guy.

Most of the time, being so tall is no fun. You have to duck under doorways, you hit your head on things, you have to virtually squat to kiss your 5'0" tall wife.

But there are some positives.

My family and I went to a Minnesota Twins ballgame the other night. Toward the end of the game, I asked my son Connor if he'd go down next to the field with me and try to catch a ball. Being shy and in the arms of mommy, he didn't want to go. But I badgered him with my superior intarweb arguing skillz (with a 'z', yo) until he came with me.

So with 2 outs, Connor and I ran down the aisle to the fence of the field. Ground ball to 3rd, throw to 1st -- 3 outs! -- the team started walking in, first baseman with the ball in his glove.

"Hey, throw it over here!!"

The light bulb goes on in the old noggin, and the next thing you know, my son Connor is up on my shoulders; making the 2 of us at a combined 9ft tall (hey, that's taller that this guy!). The first baseman takes note of this giant in the stands, and tosses us a Major League Baseball.

How cool is that? Being tall paid off for once.

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  1. I don't look nearly that tall in those pictures to the right. :)


  2. Judah!!! You are as tall as my husband! Course he has to bend down 2 fewer inches than you to kiss his wife, but we are almost an identical couple ^_^

    You seemed so much shorter on the GameTalk boards ~_^

  3. Jason, hehehe yeah it's hard to tell from the pictures for sure.

    Hey Michelle! I didn't know you still visited my blog. Thanks for stopping by and posting, good to hear from you again.

    That's a funny coincidence your husband is the same height. 2 fewer does that make you 4'8"? :-0

  4. No, silly. I'm 5'2, so he has to bend down not as far as you, is what I would have said had I wanted to make sense.

    And I still visit, I just don't always have anything interesting to say. I'm subscribed to your RSS feed, so I always know when you update. So you better watch what you say! ~_^


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