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Der Yid in Yerusholaym

My younger brother turned me on to this this YouTube video. Pretty cool!

"More of my efforts to revive the ancient sounds of the Biblical Kinnor Lyre, last played by the Levites in the Temple of Jerusalem before it's tragic destruction by the Romans in 70CE.

The Kinnor I am playing is based on a contemporary illustration of one which was on the back of a Jewish coin from the time of the Bar Kochba revolt against the Roman occupation in 135 CE!

I have tuned the Kinnor to the "Ahava Raba" mode, common to almost all Jewish Klezmer music, which in turn derived this ancient musical scale from the Cantorial Chants of the Synagogue, which ultimately had its own origins in the ancestral aural memory of music of the Levite choir and the orchestra of lyres and harps which accompanied them in the ancient music of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The melody is a Klezmer tune appropriately called "Der Yid in Yerusholaym"(The Jew In Jerusalem), and was first recorded by Naftule Brandwein's Klezmer Orchestra in 1924...enjoy!"

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