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Check out this cutie

Yummy... I love this chick. Reminds me of that song, "I can't see me lovin' nobody but you for all my life..." :-)


  1. Hey, Judah. You guys are a cute couple. You two should stop by the MGS:4 forum at GT. Some of the old gang still hangs there. I hear you are a mod now. Congrats!

  2. Hey thanks Michelle.

    I'll have to stop by. Didn't even know they had an MGS4 forum yet. Nice.

    I've been mod of the Game Developer's forum for a few months now. Fun, but sometimes is a pain because all the forum spam bots. :-p

  3. So hey, are there going to be any christmas videos this year?

  4. Mmm, good question. I believe we did get some pictures, not sure about any recordings. I'll have to check with the above cutie. :-)


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