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How 'bout a little guitar now?

I've been learning to play the guitar over the last few months. My dad is an awesome guitar player of many years experience, and my younger brother Aaron (MySpace page here) has been busting it out Esteban-style.

<-- This is me in 10 years

What Aaron doesn't know is, secretly I'm way better than him. Little does he know soon I will out-duel him with our dueling guitars.


In reality, my guitar skills are to Aaron's Esteban-esque magic what Michael Jordan's leaping skills are to a slug's that's been tied down to a 1 ton weight. That means I suck, in case you're a little slow today.

Anyways, I thought I'd post one of Aaron's little fun guitar demos. Watch those fingers go. :) Video's a little dark, I know, I'll look into brightening that up with my Esteban-esque computer skills...yeah. Have a look:

And here's Aaron's partial rendition of Lamb's Baruch HaShem ("Baruch HaShem" is Hebrew for "bless the name"), have a look:

Oh, and my younger sister Michaela is on MySpace too. So is my older brother Jesse. Ok, covered all bases I think. Like most MySpace pages, I don't recommend visiting their allotted MySpaces, though, because--honestly guys--you have no page design skills. It hurts my eyes reading your pages; it's migrain inducing! Yes it's that bad! Hey, just bein' honest! Don't hate me for being honest!

Have a good weekend folks.


  1. That's great, Judah. I'm a guitarist myself, and admittedly, I'm not too great. Just imagine you're better than them. It helps. Self-confidence is key. ;)

    Good luck with it. Practice makes perfect, and guitar is no exception (but did I mention A LOT of practice?).

  2. Hey thanks Jonathan. I am getting better, slowly. I'm still trying to learn all the chords; but I know enough now to play several songs, so it's getting better.

    Looking at your page, it seems my brothers and sister could borrow some page design techniques from you. Nice page.

    Your page looks familiar though. Have I met you before on Slashdot or Digg or CodeProject? Or you just a stranger passing by? :)

  3. Michelle just got Guitar Hero, maybe you should too, and get some practice that way. Could be fun.

  4. Ash, I'm glad you're here. I was talking to Kristin (my wife) last night about how you said you liked Hayseed Dixie. Well now she downloaded a bunch of their stuff off of WinMx...ha, pretty funny stuff. I gotta say, their covers of AC/DC and Aerosmith were pretty convincing; they sounded like native down-home southern bluegrass songs. Really entertaining stuff.

  5. Judah, I'm Jona from GameTalk. Sorry, I just assumed you'd recognize me (and now I'm assuming you'll remember me, haha).

    Thanks for the complements on my site. :)

  6. Ah-hahaha, yes I will soon be a guitar master as well...with my 5-fret Cherry Gibson Guitar Hero guitar, lol. But it does give you the feeling that you could now pick up any guitar and shred it up like nobody's business. Aaaanyway, I usually recommend it for my non-guitar-playing friends, but I'm curious what someone who can actually play guitar will think of the game.

    Also, Jona, I don't know you, but I am a former GT member, so I feel obligated to say 'hello'. Hello!

  7. Ah sure of course I know Jona from GT. How's it going man?

    And Michelle is here! Alright, the gang's all here. :)

  8. Hi Michelle. Nice to make your acquaintance. :)

    lol. Judah, it's Jona without the "h," but pronounced the same, but that's a minor detail and doesn't really matter anyway. Things have been going great for me, how have they been going for you?

  9. Without the 'h' eh? Details, details... :)

    Things have been going really good on this end. I've been busy lately with a full time job and part time contracting. But with that comes the green stuff, so it all evens out. :)

    Now Jona, I could've sworn you were from the MGS forum at GameTalk. No? I know you're in the game dev forum there, of course... hmmm

    Anyways, that's where Ash and Michelle are from, we were all good virtual food fighting friends in the in Metal Gear Solid forum at GameTalk. :throws ketchup bottle at Michelle:

    Thanks for visiting, by the way, all you guys. Talk to you all later.

  10. lol. Heh I put it up on Google Video too, should be fully uploaded and verified in a day or two. I'll send you the link once it's ready.

  11. Aaron, you're up on Google video. Search for yourself. :)

    I updated this blog post with your little Baruch HaShem rendition, although you seemed to get cut short there at the end.

  12. *dodges ketchup bottle. pulls out C4 pizza covered in cheese*

    Hungry, sub_reb? ^_^

  13. Yeah, the crappy camera could only film so much because michaela never delets the pictures off it, even though she has them all on my pc.

  14. Heh, hey if you come over to my place sometime we can do a little recording session with our camera, which should be quite a bit better.

  15. *Eats fried chicken with c4 inside, which explodes* Ouch.
    But hey, always glad to find more Hayseed fans ^_^ My brother got to see them last year, so i'm really jealous.

  16. can you please post my other videos that you filmed when you get the chance? thnx man, see ya later.


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