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Short nothings

I love my wife. She lets me wear jeans for the 3rd day in a row. No whining about how dirty they are, like most women. She's cool like that.

I've been so busy lately. Full time job is one thing, then part time contracting position is another. Combine them both grants one zero time to blog. Yet here I am, posting short nothings...

The world is a crazy place. People are frigging nutjobs. More on this later, when I feel more coherent and certain I'll not ramble. Badda bing zum zum zum blow those turds to the moon! To be continued...

You know, that's what I like about blogging. You can say whatever you want, confounding everyone, but you, you have the last laugh, because you own it. Muahahah I win.

I wonder if me being a rather serious person all my life is only putting off the inevitable spontaneous-ness-ity. I think it's good, once in awhile, to just do something without caring what other people might think. I'll drink to that. :cheers: A toast to off-the-wall behavior. I need to take after my son once in awhile.

I went to sleep at 3am last night/this morning. Why? I had to cut Coldplay's X & Y album. Consider it done. No, it didn't take till 3, I just put it off until then. I don't know why.

I am Jack's intestines. I am Rosemary's granddaughter. I am the Walrus. I am the purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space. Raiden out.


  1. Found those scissors yet?

  2. Yes, as a matter of certain factoid, I did indeed. They were under 61. With the knife. In the Dining Room. Colonel Mustard. Raiden! You must continue your m-m-mission.

  3. Hahaha.... ok Raiden. You stay out there in flap-jaw space!

    Fission Mailed


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