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Google is on fire.

Ok, so they've got the great search engine everyone uses.

  • Then they added great image searching in Google Image Search.

  • They've got the only successful, non-obtrusive advertising in Google Adsense.

  • They created Google Local. Find stuff near your house.

  • A free 3d city explorer, Google Earth.

  • They've got a free blogging network, Google Blogger, with zero ads! (this blog is hosted by Blogger)

  • They've got a free image hosting service, allowing you to put your pictures online for free, in Google Picasa.

  • They created the coolest new web application seen in years, Google Maps, which includes satellite photos of every square piece of land on the earth, heck, here's my house (I'm right next to that golf course, the river is visible from my house). Or other cool finds. Or even Jesus' face! ;-)

  • They created a revolutionary web mail service, Google Gmail. It's lighter, cleaner, and easier to use than Outlook. It's got more free storage than Yahoo & Hotmail (currently, 2523.790090 MegaBytes, and counting. Seriously, there's a counter on the front page of Gmail that continues to rise by the second. How cool is that?). It stores your emails in groupings of conversations, not crappy RE and FW. Really, you guys need to use this. Currently, it's invitation only, but if any of you want to try it out, reply in the comments and I'll hook you up.

  • And as of tonight, August 23rd, 2005, they've announced a new instant messenger, Google Talk. I'm there as judahgabriel at gmail dot com. Hope to see some of you online!

Oh, and don't forget the Moon. Not only does Google has a base on the moon ;-), but yes, Google has mapped the moon as well, go see it for yourself. Be careful though, zooming in too far might prove shocking!


  1. First to reply!! Does that mean I get a gmail account???????

  2. Hello Judah,

    Google is on fire, it won't be long, in my sometimes less than humble opinion, until they develop an operating system to compete with Windows.

    I am currently trying out the Google Desktop
    It's not too bad. I did turn off some of the indexing items.

    If Michelle wants a gmail account, I have about 50 invites available.

    Take care,

  3. hehehehe! my house! my house!,-93.329157&spn=0.006130,0.009795&t=k&hl=en (it's near that big white building on the Wooton Road..)

    But i'm alright with my email as is, i've got more room than i'm ever gonna use anyway. And i'll only get grief if I try to use another messager. Not that i'm against google or anything, I just have to use what i've got!

  4. Oh. Err, never mind the link there. I figured the address would change when i changed the map, but obviously not. too bad.

  5. Michelle, I've sent a gmail invite to your yahoo account.

    Ash, the URL doesn't update, automatically, unfortunately. However, all you need to do is plug in the latitude & longitude of your house into the URL. To find your latitude & longitude, go search for free geocoders. There are several web-based geocoders that let you put in your address and output your latitude longitude.

    Gary, I wouldn't be surprised if they did develop an OS eventually. Despite that being a huge undertaking, no doubt they would start with the existing Linux kernel and build on top of that, or build on top of some other existing Linux distro. But I don't see that in the near future. I think they will eventually put out a Google-branded version of Firefox in the near future, however.

    I should've listed Google Desktop as an awesome tool, I don't know why I forgot that, I'm using it here at work and at home. Great, fast searches. I dislike the fact that they display the search results in a browser though; I mean, if it's already a desktop application, why not just like the search results in a standard Windows based way? Aside from that, I really like the tool.

  6. Hey Judah, thanks so much for the account. I'll treasure it always ^_^

  7. No problem Michelle, hope you enjoy it.

    Gary, I lived in Kennesaw, Georgia for almost 2 years. I then I moved to Spring Hill, Tennessee (where they manufacture the Saturn cars) for almost another 2 years. Picked up some of the accents, though I can say I've stopped referring to a group of people as "y'all". :-)

  8. Hello Brother,

    I saw you name in another blog and thought I say hi.

    This is Minister Gil from The Lion of Judah Fellowship. I don't know if you remember me but stop by and say hi on my site when you get a chance.


    Minister Gil Burgos
    President/Founder of LOJF

  9. Hi Gil,

    Yeah, I remember you. I had been subscribed to the LOJ mailing list until recently. After the switch from Google Groups to Yahoo Groups, a lot of the content on the mailing list started to reek of gentile Christianity more than anything!

    So, after several weeks of skimming over the mails, I ended up unsubscribing. I guess I was hoping for a more Israel-focused, Messiah centered newsgroup, but it really became too much of a gentile Church, American Christianity focused group, which just isn't my flavor of Kool Aide. :-)

    God bless!

  10. started to reek of gentile Christianity

    I'm speechless

  11. Gary, with you being a gentile Christian, I understand why you would be speechless!

    Having found the Hebrew roots of my faith in God and the Messiah, Jesus, the American church appears to me, more and more, off the mark. Churches I've been to are largely spiritually dead, misguided, or caught up in the rituals of the religion as borrowed from Catholicism (communion, Lent, and Sunday sabbath, for example).

    That isn't to say all Christianity is wrong or misguided. On the contrary, grace by faith in Messiah is a central point on which the church gets right.

    I just don't fit in to American Christianity as it is, doctrinally. I mean, I don't celebrate Easter, but instead, celebrate the Biblical Feast of First Fruits, the day on which Jesus arose from the dead, yet my church would be having sunrise services and eating a pig to celebrate Jesus' resurrection. I don't celebrate Christmas (oh, I'm a grinch, I know!) when my church would be sporting a huge tree in the sanctuary. I'll be celebrating the Biblical feasts when my church substitutes communion for the Passover. I observe the sabbath on the day set by God in Genesis, when my church meets a day later on "the Lord's day". I see the commandments of the Old Testament as a righteous way to live, my church tells me to ignore them (except the 10 commandments, minus the one about the sabbath!) I can continue, but hopefully you see why I just don't meld well with American Christianity.

    On the underlying theme of "Jesus is the only way to salvation", I share common ground with your average church goer. That, you'll agree, is very important common ground.

    I don't want to condemn anybody; I'll go to church with my wife and son, and get along with everybody great, worship & pray with other believers. It's just that American Christianity has somewhat strayed from what I see as right, so I'd rather be in on what I see as Scripturally sound. From what I've read from Gil, he knows very well what I'm talking about, which is why I was able to say "reeks of gentile Christianity". Too many of the posts from that mailing list sounded like they were coming from average American Church Christians, many with little knowledge of the Hebrew roots of our faith. While that's ok for them to continue on in their ways (hey, at least they're saved), it's not why I signed up for the mailing list, so I unsubscribed.


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