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Happy holidays

Happy Holidays to Jean-Louis, Dana, Roger, Michelle, Ash, Brent, and anyone else reading this! :-) I've got some pictures of the Himango gang and some of my brothers and sister too, enjoy and happy holidays!

My beautiful wife Kristin, my awesome son Connor, and me:
Happy Holidays from Judah, Kristin, and Connor!

Here's a bunch of silly ones of us and the family:
Family 15
Family 1
Family 2
Family 3
Family 4
Family 5
Family 6
Family 7
Family 8
Family 9
Family 10
Family 11
Family 12
Family 13
Family 14
Family 15
Family 16
Family 17
Family 18
Family 19
Family 20
Family 21
Connor on the floor
Connor running
Connor's running 2
Connor's favorite bed
Connor's favorite bed 2
Younger brother Aaron
Younger brother Aaron 2
Older brother Jesse
Both brothers
Younger sister Michaela


  1. Aww, bless. You do make quite the family!

    Anyways, happy holidays from all us English roses in the world! Have a great one!


  2. Hey thanks Ash. Happy holidays & new years!

  3. Hey Aaron! Heheh yeah you were blinking, and the picture was kinda dark. heheh oh well. We'll take some more pictures this weekend when you guys come up for Connor's birthday.

    Oh and hey, I've mastered 2 things (chords? notes? hrm) on the guitar. Woohoo! :-) I think I play A and B, so I have this little song I play with just those two notes. It's sweet! :-)

    Later man, see you this weekend.


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