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Throwing grapes at the TV

It's been a tradition in my family to hate the New York Yankees. I know, I know, the tech reader is thinking, "what a stupid thing this 'sports'. I'll just go back to my debugging my Linux kernel." I know, I know, the casual gen-xer is thinking, "pfft. what's his problem? I'll just go back to my reading my e-mails, chatting the MSN Messengers, and browing the AOL internets." Or maybe, just maybe, you're someone that doesn't fit into any of the said categories (hi sanchita). In that case, continue reading.

When my grandpa was still alive, during the 1960s my Minnesota Twins were a fledgling franchise fresh out of Washington. In the late 60s we competed hard with the Yankees, who had, suprise suprise, their abundant supply of talent, including greats like Mickey Mantle (even you techies know this guy right?), Roger Maris (home run king before the steroid induced muscles of Bonds and McGwire), Whitey Ford, and a host of others cluttering the walls of Cooperstown. But throughout the 60s and 70s, the Twins, like most other American League teams, fell to the unparalleled talent of the Bronx Bombers.

As legend has it, old grandpa Himango would literally throw grapes at the TV every time those damn over-paid and over-talented Yankees beat our Twins.

My dad on the other hand, being a bit more forgiving and less violent, restrained himself from grape throwing, as far as I know. Still, his anger and hatred of the Yankees was deep and rooted in his blood, no doubt about it, yep.

Flash ahead 40 years. My Twins are STILL losing to the Yankees. Again. Last week in fact. Second year in a row. After winning the AL Central, we lose in the first round to none other than the overpaid pretty boy ballclub from New York. What can you expect - the Yankees, the Microsoft of baseball so to speak, buy out every home town talented player (Knoblauch), every local weary super star (Giambi), every crowd pleaser (ARod), every pretty boy make-the-girls-scream-star (Jeter). Oh yeah, money makes your world go around, Mr. Steinbrenner. There aren't many Jews I hate, but you are one.

That said, in retrospect and in honor of the family tradition, I hereby throw virtual grapes at my screen:


  1. This is a test anonymous comment from Judah. Hope it works....

  2. JudahGabriel.......Eat a grape, better yet, throw it at the television. Maybe that is why your Twins haven't made broke your Grandpa's curse! Sound familiar?? Be happy it's grapes, coulda been a goat!
    :) Sanchita

  3. I have to concur with sub on his opinion of the Yankees. Go Cards! I shall now join him in his grape-throwing antics, except I like my computer screen to be clean so I'll throw them at the tv instead.


  4. Woo they won! Unbelievable, the Bambino curse is broken. And on a full moon, and near Halloween nonetheless. Freaky!


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